The Deer Park ʻTerroirʼ Club

How it works

  • Fill out, sign and return the membership form.
  • Receive 6 releases per year
  • Each release is between $135 – $175
  • 2 – 3 bottles per release
  • Pick-up in store or have it shipped (extra shipping costs will apply)
  • ʻTerroirʻ Club is free to join & may be cancelled anytime

Member benefits

  • 15% off club releases
  • 15% off all wine purchases in store
  • 1st right of refusal on all allocated and hard to find items*
  • Priority access to all weekly, seasonal & exclusive wine tasting events
  • 4 – $3 wine tasting coupons per club release
*1st Right of Refusal & Lottery systems
For both The Deer Park Whiskey and ‘Terroir’ Wine Clubs, rare and limited items will be publicized on the club release date. We will include a flyer of the rare items and their prices in the boxes of eligible members. Rare & limited items will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis. We will hold phone and email orders for up to one calendar week.
Extremely rare and limited items will be released through a lottery system. The lottery will take place on a normally scheduled club release date. Club members who are eligible for the lottery will be given notice of the items up for lottery no less than one shipment prior to the lottery. Deer Park Wine & Spirits will make every effort to publicize both the first-come, first-served items & the lottery items through both social media and emails.
Membership cards
In order to receive club member discounts, the membership card must be present AT TIME OF PURCHASE. The name that appears on the membership card must match the club member’s name or their spouse.

Club Member Sign up Sheet

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