Having been cooped up in a bottle for any number of years, wine, especially an older, properly stored wine, needs the opportunity to open up, to bloom, allowing it to reveal the fullest flavor and bouquet. Decanting is the traditional form of letting a wine “breath.”

Many wine drinkers notice, it is only when the bottle is nearly finished that the wine comes into it’s own. It takes time for a wine to react with air. The swirling of wine in a glass hastens this. For this reason wine glasses should be half-filled. It is also why larger wine glasses are better.

Young Wines & Decanting

Young wines benefit the most from decanting. The oxygen wines contain, has actually little time to infuse into the wine. The air in the decanter achieves infusion rapidly. It means you get more of what you bought wine for and allows you to enjoy twice as much bouquet and aroma from the wine.

Decanting is a pleasurable procedure. Enjoy the most impressive phase of wine serving!