What Is the Deer Park ‘Enthusiast’ Wine Club?

The Deer Park ʻEnthusiastʼ Wine Club is our affordable wine club, which offers members the chance to taste new amazing wines and expand your knowledge of the vast wine world. At a modest cost, ʻEnthusiastʼ club members will be assured of both great wine and very good value.




How It Works


Provide your contact information below, and we’ll reach out to get a payment method on file. From there, we’ll provide you with 6 club releases a year, which you can pick up in store or have shipped to your home (extra shipping costs will apply). Each release costs between $65 and $85.

Enjoy Wine

Each release includes three bottles of hand-picked wine. Our ‘Enthusiast’ features great high-value wines hand picked by our wine specialist. We will work with you to find and select wines that meet your preferences and expand your view of the wine world.

Extra Benefits

Wine Club members also enjoy additional benefits including 10% off all in-store wine purchases, priority access to seasonal wine tasting events, and complimentary in-store wine tastings.

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Some Examples of Past 'Enthusiast' Club Releases

What Our Members Can Expect...

Members of the Deer Park ‘Enthusiast’ Wine Club can expect great quality wines with each affordable release. Each release includes a short description of each bottle, which may include a description of it’s source, notes on it’s taste, and recommendations of how to pair it with a complementary snack or meal.

Club members also enjoy a host of other benefits including discounts and priority access to seasonal tasting events.

What Makes Our ‘Enthusiast’ Wine Club Different?

Since we operate our wine club from our local store in Aptos, CA, our club includes multiple wine tastings every month where you can discover new wines and learn more about the wines you love.

Our club is completely independent, meaning we are not tied to any particular winery or vinyard. This offers us unmatched flexibility to offer high quality wines at an affordable price. Wines may come from a local winery in the Santa Cruz mountains or from a quaint vineyard in rural Spain. You will certainly be pleased with the variety, quality and affordability of wines in our ‘Enthusiast’ club.

Bonus Membership Benefits

15% off “Club Offerings”

10% off all liquor purchases in store

Priority access to all weekly, seasonal wine tasting events

Complimentary in-store wine tastings

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About Peter, the Wine Club Curator

As the club curator, Peter revels in discovering new wines to feature in our wine club releases among tried-and-true bottles. He has been the fine wine specialist at Deer Park Wine & Spirits for a combined 16 years, and he has also worked with numerous other wineries and wine suppliers during his 30 year career in wine. Whether he’s talking about a bold, complex, or elegant wine, Peter enjoys explaining the subtle notes of a wine and introducing customers to their new favorite bottle. Every release includes wines hand picked by Peter.

Membership cards

In order to receive club member discounts, the membership card must be present AT TIME OF PURCHASE. The name that appears on the membership card must match the club member’s name or their spouse.