What Is the Deer Park Whiskey Club?

Joining the Deer Park Whiskey Club will give you exclusive access to unique and rare whiskies to taste and purchase, and give you the chance to enter lotteries to purchase even rarer, highly coveted bottles.

How It Works


Throughout the year, you will receive our ever-revolving list of “Club Offerings” whiskey bottles. This is not a subscription service, so you won’t end up with bottles you don’t like. You can taste most “Club Offerings” whiskies before you buy.

Every Club Member will receive 1 lottery ticket per lottery. In compliance with CA law, we must give everyone the same opportunity to win the lottery.


Most months in a year, we hold a lottery for a select few rare bottles. We put all the tickets into one big pot. If your ticket is drawn, you can choose to purchase a bottle from the lottery items.

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Some Examples of Our "Club Offerings"

What Our Members Can Expect...

This club is a community of whiskey drinkers, new and experienced, who want to expand their knowledge, try new things and have access to rare items. And, most importantly, we want the club to taste unique, rare, and fine whiskey!

The Deer Park Whiskey Club makes finding and securing a rare bottle like Pappy, Weller 12 yr, and Yamazaki 18 yr an exciting, social, and rewarding experience.

We hold a lottery most months of the year with a curated selection of rare, handpicked bottles. Every Club Member gets one lottery ticket if they choose to enter..

Club members also enjoy a host of other benefits, including private tastings, discounts, and priority access to seasonal tasting events.

What Makes Our Club Different?

We are not a subscription service, so you won’t end up with bottles you don’t like. On the contrary, we offer you opportunities to taste new whiskies before you buy, as well as learn about the processes that make each whiskey unique.

Club members are encouraged to make private tasting appointments at our store in Aptos. Not only will members benefit from tasting new whiskies, but Cheyne, the curator of the club, will learn their preferences and present new whiskies as he learns about them.

The club is free to join, and there is no obligation to buy.

Bonus Membership Benefits

15% off “Club Offerings”

10% off all liquor purchases in store

Notifications of rare items before they hit the shelf

Priority access to seasonal tasting events

Find Out How To Join Our Whiskey Club

About Cheyne Howell, the Whiskey Club Curator

Cheyne (pronounced “Shane”) is the owner of Deer Park Wine & Spirits in Aptos, CA. As a whiskey enthusiast, he has tremendous experience and knowledge of rare bourbons, scotches, and other whiskeys. After helping thousands of customers choose a special bottle based on their tastes, Cheyne has developed a keen ability to help others choose a whiskey that fits their preferences. He is happy to help you choose a whiskey that’s right for you, whether it’s your first bottle or your hundredth bottle. Every bottle in each “Club Offering” and each lottery is handpicked by Cheyne.